The Bureau Of Untold Stories REVIEW

Opportunities to expand Leo's creative, theatrical mind in a manner that feels 'safe' to him (not being a child who is comfortable in a group of other children with lines, costumes, and an end goal performance) are thin, but recently we were incredibly blessed to have the chance to go and see Hollie and Sean of Brymore Productions in their captivating and hilarious Bureau Of Untold Stories. We enjoyed seeing them at the Exeter Fringe hosted by Barnfield Theatre in the city.

That cheeky bandit 'The Eraser' is consuming ALL OF THE STORIES! It's truly a terrible affair. But worry not, fret ye no further, because The Bureau Of Untold Stories, headed up Dexter Sharpe and Poppy Hasluck, are onto the situation in their own unique fashion and, you guessed it, THEY'RE RECRUITING YOUR KIDS!

Leo is not usually the first one with his hand in the air or to volunteer in these playful roles, concerned at what he's commiting to usually. But just a sniff of the presented activities to save the stories, unique each and every show throughout, and Leo was hooked!

We enjoyed magnificent tales of little girls fixing the worlds highest water slides with her fantastical hat which was a portal of storage.

We devoured the hilarious play out of a hotdog who saved the day by driving out a dinosaur running riot in a park with the help of a singing nun.

We gobbled up a bonkers story about Bob the superhero chicken by day, cleaner by night.

Let's not forget Alice and her pursuit to get The Beast his unbranded hayfever remedies.

Or dynamite exploding in diamond mines. Or fairies going through the magic door to our own world Aldi to find apples without plastic wrap.

Enchanting, ridiculous, wacky, and leaving you with tears trailing your eyes with unstoppable giggles.

Delightfully bananas, with expression and quirks to appeal to all ages, laugh out loud improvisation and interactivity that uplifts beyond measure!

You will contribute to some of the greatest stories this world will ever hear, acted out in pure, and utterly bonkers improvisation.

This young, innovative, playful theatrical experience is terrific fun for all ages, and is accessible even to the shyest child, and these two brilliant creators are marvelously encouraging for young imaginations and are boosting creativity, igniting for brilliant little minds, with rocket-propelled power.

The Bureau Of Untold Stories is currently performing at Edinburgh Fringe after a UK tour, and will continue travelling the world to bring you this inspiring detective adventure, and other super shows with lovable characters. I implore you to check their social media and keep an eye on their locations, because we booked the next show immediately after coming out of the first- they're that good!

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