Snack Attack! Disneyland Paris snack wishlist 2019

I'm not a snacker by nature. Not typically. I'm a wait for a meal-er usually. But this is Disneyland. And at Disneyland, all the rules go out of the window.

It's essentially an unwritten rule, take my word for it- I'm an expert, but when a crazed Disney fan is counting down to a Disney holiday, one finds the Disney food Instagram hashtag, and pins that sucker to an irrational level of importance.

In the past, I have tiptoed with our money on trips. I'm a money fretter. We're careful to save for these trips, and in the past, it's always felt like a bit of a luxury to get snacks and ice cream but I tend to weigh it up as a temporary things versus a small saving towards something to take home from the shop instead. But on our last trip, I grabbed my first snack that wasn't a part of a menu or buffet.

The momentous moment was captured not once but twice, due to it's utter GLORY. The moment I was introduced to... The Chocolate Pretzel!

No word of a fib, I've been looking forward to tucking into another one since that moment, over a year ago! I have since tussled with money-fret Sarah over the importance of snacks and their holiday involvement, and I prevailed. SNACKS GALORE WINS OUT.

So here's what I've spotted and I'm hoping to tuck into!

1. Chocolate Pretzel- The Hep Cat Corner

This pretzel is more like a croissant, with buttery, crisp, warm layers of chocolate, with the flakey textures and sugary, slightly salted sprinkles coating it all... I'm in for it all again!

2. Simba Croque Monsieur- Adventureland

A cheese toastie (with ham... I'm a meat avoider these days but I'll deal) with Simba on it?! SIGN ME RIGHT UP. Lunch plan for one of the days.

3. Fudge - Boardwalk Candy Palace

I was trying to decide which flavour i wanted to try and I narrowed it down to... all of them. Another treat is being able to watch them make the fudge right there in front of us.

4. Churros - Fuente Del Oro I'm thinking the nacho style loaded fries followed by churros for lunch one day me thinks. I do think spectacularly.

5. Mickey Waffles - The Old Mill It's waffles. It's Mickey shaped. It's in Fantasyland which I think is probably my favourite land. Any questions?

6. Mango Whip - Adventureland Food Truck I never got around to trying the pineapple whip, but I'm even more sold on a Mango Whip, which is out especially for Lion King and Jungle Festival Season! A beautiful refresher to share with kiddo.

7. Beignets - Cable Car Bake Shop Yes yes 'beignet' is doughnut in french. BUT ALSO, these are actually separate on the menu to the other doughnuts, and previously they were star shaped. They may still be star shaped. Realistically though, I'll try doughnuts in any shape. But beignets, for the sake of Princess And The Frog, have to be sampled, even if they're not authentic.

8. Chocolate Cookie Ice Cream - Adventureland

I'm not a big ice cream person, but it's peak summer, and if I'm going to have ice cream, I'll pick themed ice cream, and I think this is the one with a little cute simba decoration and flower sprinkles on it.

There are a huge amount of other snacks available at the parks at any time of year, but to have some with themes during the Lion King and Jungle Festival season, well, it's pwetty. And I'm lets say, an enthusiastic supporter. Plus, yahknow, Instagram.

What are your favourite snacks at the park? If you could pick any flavour of fudge what would you get?

Thank you to my lovely pal Gabi for grabbing some shots for me while over at the park!

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