The chemistry of the Estee Lauder hype. Blogger event with Princesshay Exeter.

Although I am no stranger to a bold face of make up, I honestly have a very limited knowledge of the industry. I enjoy make up, and I learned to apply via some superb make up artists on Youtube (where I essentially learn everything, from make up, to Bible study and prophetics, to how to get ticks off of dogs) but I respect that a lot goes into a brand of this nature, and the products that people rely on. Those super gals of Princesshay Exeter took me along to get thoroughly exposed to the splendidness of Estee Lauder.

I'll go ahead and say it, I've never, ever, used a brand that wasn't from Boots or Superdrug, other than a sample box of small Kat Von D bits when the brand first launched.

I was bewildered about the pricing, and I was eager to hear how it could be justified, and while there is such hype behind some products, namely the Double Wear Foundation, I was hopeful for an education as to why people part with large sums of moolah for it when there were, at least reasonable, equivalents available for pocket friendly figures.

When we arrived, we were handed a glass (raspberry lemonade for me!) and offered a seat by the very sweet and knowledgeable Laura.

Over the course of the evening, she introduced us to a selection of products that she had chosen herself for the evening, and demonstrated their application to her model.

While the majority of the bloggers attending were tentatively listening, yours truly couldn't keep her chops sensibly shut, and inquired, commented and giggled away. I'm grateful to Laura for not just introducing the properties of the face care and make up products, but for delving a little further into the chemistry and engineering in answering me.

I would liked to have learned a little more about the operation and foundations of the brand, though Laura did mention Lauder's specific vision of being a make up that could be a solution for everyone in every cosmetic need where make up and skin care could assist. I am however, grateful to learn what makes these products, in particular, their night creams, primers and foundations so popular and effective.

I would encourage anyone who would arrange a consultation to try the products, to ask ask ask, because it truly is fascinating to learn how the product interacts with our skin and how the products are made to work with the natural reactions in our skin to encourage or maintain health, or to put out some pretty impressive fires, WITH SCIENCE!

I learned a lot about brush use and application also, and I do have a bit of a Recommendation List instead of a Wish List, because my circumstances place me in a nook of learning how to make do with what i can afford and feel fabulous with it anyway.


It has an SPF of 45, and it's been a new favourite to many people for wearing without foundation with beautiful results, even though it was formulated for wearing under their Double Wear Primer. It's incredible light and feels quite lovely on the skin.


It's the UK's number 1 foundation, and having seen it in action and discussed it with our consultant myself, I totally get why.

It's got 24 hour staying power, a beautiful semi matte finish, and you wouldn't know you were wearing it. What's more, it's got 66 shades, so it's incredibly accessible for many skin tones and colours.


Aside from the impressive softness to the texture of the serum, learning about it's stacked efforts to better the health of the skin and counteract environmental factors when they occur was really neat.

The team at the Debenhams of Exeter counter were a lovely collective, and are very equipped to consult you on your skin care and to help you build a make up look. Pop in and see them!

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