The Berry Round Up

Kids love berries. Yesterday I was given the job (as designated thinker upper of creative solutions to the big kid question 'What do we do now, Mummy?') of finding ways to use up approximately


Yesterday Leo and Darren made the most of a day off on a beautiful morning to go to Thornes Farm in Crediton.

They had so much fun, it was a beautiful activity Leo could take pride in working and it gave Darren an opportunity to break into some discussions of the life cycle of the different berries.

It was great for them to talk about how the technique they used in growing upwards at letting them fruit in short vines was optimal for farming.

But enough about that, let's get to the juicy part!

*Bah dum tsshh*

Work with me here.

Leo ate his weight in them at lunch time after he got home and he didn't make a dent.

We gave a load to our neighbour, and more to my sister in law and we still had to go Full Tetris to fit the rest in the fridge in various tupperware.


I formed this big ol' list of things Leo and I could do together with them rather than just sticking them all in an already crowded tiny freezer (which already has berries in it.)

I needed activities as well as recipes, and actual recipes, not just topping cakes with them and arranging art on a plate.

Also lets me truthful here. It's a risk asking my kid to eat anything where the berry looks squishy like in muffins, or 'wierd no touchy' ingredients like chia seed and flaxseed which just begs for wastefulness in my house once it's rejected. Believe me, I've tried.

Make ice cream in a bag experiment by Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

Extracting strawberry DNA experiment by Little Bins For Little Hands

Easy Raspberry Coulis by Good To Know

Natural Strawberry Playdough by Twinkl

Raspberry Fruit Leather Rolls by Tracey's Culinary Adventures

Angela's 'Flexible' Jam Method

Quick and Easy Homemade Strawberry Lemonade by Super Healthy Kids

Raspberry Oat Bars by BBC Good Food

Play With Your Food: Berry Painting by KIX

3 Ingredient Strawberry Smoothies by Gimme Delicious

Since we're dealing with a lot of berries, let's open up the topic here for a little more learning and printable play!

Here's some neat stuff I found to follow up with!

Spot the difference Strawberry Farm by Twinkl

All About Strawberries Interactive Powerpoint by Twinkl

Strawberry Life Cycle Print Out by Twinkl

Emergent Reading 'Visit to a Strawberry Farm ebook' by Twinkl


Strawberry Farm Role Play Cut Outs by Twinkl

Hand Cut Out Leave Strawberry Craft by 1 2 3 Homeschool 4 Me


Finger Paint Raspberry Art by Crafty Morning


Acorn Strawberries Craft by Crafts By Amanda

Fun Raspberry Facts For Kids by Easy Science For Kids

I hope this is inspiring or useful to you when your husband and child return home with 5 kilos of berries one day. That's typical occurrence, right?

Toodles. Sarah

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