Leo's Top Rides at Disneyland Paris

Hello everyone! My name is Leo, and I'm 5 and 4 months!

One of my favourite things is going to Disneyland. We go every year!

I love everything about it but I do have some bests!

Mummy asked me to talk about my favourite rides so she could write up for the internet people WHICH IS YOU! Haha! So if you're going to Disneyland with your kids soon, these will be super exciting choices you must do!

This is really tricky as I love so many rides, but Mummy said "If you could only go on 5 or 6 rides, which would they be?"

That got me thinking, I mean, how terrible to only go on 5 or 6 rides when there are so many! But i do have some goodies, yep!

Our lovely pal Hoodsie of Duffy Does Disney was kind enough to help us out with photos for this blog! She's a dynamite gal!


Buzz has forever been one of our bestest rides! Daddy is super competitive. I like pewpewing the aliens AND DEFEATING ZORG! One day I'm going to beat Daddy's score. We always do this ride at least 3 times in a trip because it is that awesome.

Look at Daddy's face!

You can see us on this ride in this vlog from 2018!


So this ride is very zoomy and breezy! It's outdoors and the train looks like a proper circus train, and it whizzs past lots of nice things to look at, goes uppy downy and even has the Casey Jr song playing too! It's very pretty as well.


Mummy say's that this one is a 'classic' and i don't know what that means but sure.

I say that this one is a lovely ride where you can look all around you in Fantasyland and fly just like you're riding on Dumbo's back and it's like magic! I like the little cogs and water spurting too! I like seeing the castle from Dumbo's back.

You can see us on this ride in this vlog from 2016!

Star Tours

I was only brave enough to try this one on the second trip when I was 4! I don't really like Star Wars and I don't like bad guys in movie's like this, but I REALLY liked zooming everywhere across the galaxy and the funny droids! I like it when Chewbacca comes on but i've only seen him once and we've done it three times now. The gold droid Mummy say's is called See-Through-The-Hole or something like that is very funny too!

You can see us going into this ride in this vlog from 2018!


This is another flying ride (a lot like Dumbo but they are my favourite kind; but not Orbitron, it goes too fast and too high for me!) and it's Aladdin themed!

I like Genie a lot and he's very funny pretending that he is a movie director through the ride and that we're acting for him while we fly! He's so silly!

We go on this ride in THIS vlog in 2016!


Oh my goodness this is such a fun ride in the Toy Story area of Studios! You go all over the place and it feels fast but not too fast, it doesn't look fast when you're watching other people. I like how we tip to the side sometimes and go up and over the hilly tracks! I don't get dizzy but it does feel exciting! We go on this ride in THIS vlog from 2018!

I do love so many rides and attractions at Disneyland Paris and I cant wait to get back again!

Have a lovely day!


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