We are the Rickards, and we’re not ever very sure what’s going on, and that’s ok.

In fact, I'm a believer. I believe that things that feel impossible can still be accessible, counting small victories and celebrating the fact that I tried, rather than mourning the failure.

My name is Sarah, and I bite off more than I can chew 95% of the time.
I’m a home educating, chronically ill mum, small business owner, youtuber, blogger, crafter, serving christian, aspiring author, optimist and over excitable dog lover. When asked how I get it all done, I flick my hair, bat my lashes and pronounce… “I don’t. That would be insane.”

I do some of it, some of the time. I make schedules that I mostly stick to, and I forget important things like birthdays to leave brain room.
On the whole, I’m a functioning puddle and I rely heavily on a delicate balance of coffee, chocolate, prayer and Instagram.

I like Disney, books, making flower crowns, painting, eating, laughing with my kid, upbeat praise music and torturing my husband in Ikea.
I do all my own stunts.

In my time on this Earth I have tried to learn, tried to work, tried to stay consistent and tried to impress people. On the whole, it’s mostly come tumbling down. I’m grateful for that, because at least now, I know that the best route through life is to be prepared, anticipate what could come and how to get past it, say yes to offers of help, and rather than moping about life (for more than a day at a time), I find solutions.

In shifting into that perspective, I’ve realised that in solution finding and mercy-thinking, I can operate in an empathetic life style of getting by and thriving without over-striving.

Peace and miracle belief, baby. That’s my groove.

That’s not to say I’m not ambitious. I can do it all, but I can pace my world while I keep it all afloat.

Leo, also known as Squirrel, is our six year old superdude. He loves animals, Christmas, rockpooling, baths and pasta. He poses for photos like a pro.
He brings the cute. We exist together in a cheeky little pairsome most days while Daddy is at work.
Darren is my husband of 7 years, and partner of 12 years. He is my champion in project doing.. He enjoys volunteering at Leo’s forest school, colouring with Leo, and can identify every interesting nook and flaw, in any vicinity, in any form, within seconds and isn’t always tactful about when to point this out to people. He’s useful for manuscript read overs for grammatical errors and plot drops, but i maintain he needs to get his butt employed by the MOD for data analysis or something.

This is Noah. Our golden retriever. He won’t retrieve.

Leo calls him his 'furry brother' and will adamantly argue the case on family relativity with anyone who contests him.
He carries his bear around, sleeps with his feet in the air and goes awoo.
He’s roughly the size of a rhino. Not even a small rhino.

We balance life with difficulty. We have health difficulties. We all like laughing. We have very, very hard days. We all like colour. We all love company except for when we don’t.

We are so very far from perfect, and we won’t try to give you the impression we are, ever. We serve up pipin’ hot REALNESS.

We like lying down a lot.

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