July 30, 2018

Hello everyone! My name is Leo, and I'm 5 and 4 months!

One of my favourite things is going to Disneyland. We go every year!

I love everything about it but I do have some bests!

Mummy asked me to talk about my favourite rides so she could write up for the internet people...

July 30, 2018

Disclaimer and transparency announcement: I'm no cook, and as long as my family are being fed, I serve out mercy for myself for not making dinner time "should be's" a self sabotaging deal. 

My kid, husband and heck, a lot of the time myself; we're not food adventurous....

July 29, 2018

Sometimes I'm ahead of the game. Activities and all materials and references ready to go.

Days like these (the majority) we can wake up, Leo may have a topic on his head and providing we have time in the day, I can rustle something up as an activity focus. 

Waking up to...

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Mummy Blogger, Snortlaugher, Disney lover, Health Wrestler.


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